PaySimple Paid Search Landing Page Template


Ben, Digital Marketing Manager
Myself, Design & Experience
Rich, Front End development & implementation




"Test breakthroughs, not whispers" was the phrase my coworker Ben, PaySimple's Digital Marketing Manager, came to me with at the kick off of this project. We had discussed creating a multi-step form for a while and jumped at the opportunity when given the green light. Turns out, it works pretty well.

After reviewing his goals and jointly deciding which (minimal) content should be included - I hit the drawing board. Below: the quick and dirty wireframe of the landing page & modal comped up within minutes of the meeting.

This modal spans the whole screen

This modal spans the whole screen


Beyond splitting the form into two steps, the design goals of this page were as follows:

  • short & sweet
  • prioritize the first step of the form
  • keep user focused when they reach step 2
  • show form completion progress
  • use social proof to attract the user
  • flexible - make this template usable across multiple feature & industry campaigns


53% boost in conversion rate

Wow! We had a hunch this would work but are thrilled with the results. Across our paid search campaigns, PaySimple has seen a 53% improvement in our conversion rate over the span of 6+ months and a 19% improvement in form drop off rate. Final template design below.