How to get focused when nearing a deadline

Spoiler alert: it has to do with music. Everyone has their own trick to zoning out to zone in. Today, I'd like to share mine. Let's first take a look at Spotify's top three focus playlists..

'Deep focus' is essentially a playlist of post-rock bands you probably haven't heard of; the lack of words and driving rhythms should get you in the zone though. 'Intense Studying' is comprised of all classical or classically-influenced composers. The third playlist they have listed under the 'Focus' category is called 'Peaceful Piano' ...please don't make me explain what that sounds like. Oh Spotify, how I love and loathe you.

While these Spotify playlists may work for some people, they merely distract me. And why is that? Because I haven't ever heard a majority of these songs before. These lists are jam-packed with beautiful compositions spanning centuries of history. That's freaking cool. So cool in fact, that all I want to do is listen to those tracks. How can I focus on what I'm doing when the music playing behind me is new and interesting?

My solution: make yourself a playlist of every album that you love, every album that you know all the words to, and every album that hasn't gotten old to you after 50+ listens. Why? Because when you know exactly what is happening next in a song, you'll always be a step ahead of it. A small part of your brain will be jamming out your internalized tunes while the rest of it will be focused on the task at hand. When you know what is around the corner, there's less attention required to process that information. Use the music you love dearly to block out distractions and let your brain focus on the new challenges a certain project provides.

Pretty simple eh? Well hey it works for me. I'd love to hear what works for you!