Hi, I'm Xavier. Currently, I'm a Product Designer at PaySimple in Denver, Colorado with 5+ years experience designing for the web. In my free time you can find me playing vintage synths and/or sipping on a tasty IPA.



PaySimple Mobile

The in-market PaySimple iOS & android apps are useful in collecting payments but really don't bring the full capability of the PaySimple platform to users in the field. The goal of this redesign & build was to bring those important capabilities that PaySimple offers to users with a single operating-system agnostic set of code.

This project is currently in development. To see the designs, request the access code.


Project Management App

This conceptual design was born out of my frustration to find a better way to organize projects. After years of using an amalgamation of Slack, Jira, Skype, Basecamp, and more, I realized that I hadn't tried a solution that really nailed the combination of project management and project discussion.

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Two-step Landing Page

"Test breakthroughs, not whispers" was the phrase my coworker, Ben, came to me with at the kick off of this project. We had discussed creating a multi-step form for a while and jumped at the opportunity when given the green light. Turns out, it works pretty well... 

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Web Based Email Template Editor

When asked to reimagine a quite technical feature, I took a step back and considered what else could be done to make the developers life easier. Nothing like a quick conversation with a few front end developers to find their pain points when presenting their work!

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This website came to be after attending An Event Apart Denver 2017. With talks focused on reducing page load, progressive web apps, and more - I decided to challenge myself to build my own PWA that was fun and fast. At under 10k, this site loads quite quickly. Currently in progress and still just a website - I will be converting this to a PWA soon so that all the best dad jokes are available offline.

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